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from our partner           Bley& Bley in Hamburg. Locally in their shop ‘Sigvald Hansen’ on Eimsbütteler Strasse 36 or online by dropping a line to

Sigvald.Hansen@         Berlin

check out the Restaurant Pastis on Rüdesheimer Platz for your bottles of Schmitzz the Rhine- Main Area.....

see the shop ‘Feine Emma’ in Nordend

in the HIT supermarkets in Frankfurt and                Bad Homburg

in the Scheck In Center on Hanauer Landstraße Munich

in the ‘Weinstube Sedlmair’ in Grünwald

....directly from us

drop us a line on and we will get back to you instantly

....somewhere nearby ?

…hopefully soon nearby in a supermarket or shop of your liking. Why don’t you check with teh storemanager ?

Schmitzz Cinnamon

Slibowitz Liqueur

We refine the pure Slibowitz in a measured, thorough and slow process, adding caramelised sugar and genuine cinnamon. Savour this speciality hot or cold and experience the unique symbiosis of sensual scent and velvety flavour.

Schmitzz Ginger

Slibowitz Liqueur

Aromatic plums and crystal-clear mountain water give the Slibowitz a unique taste. By prudently adding finest honey and soothing ginger, we have composed an all-rounder that pleasures your palate with sensations equally mild and refreshingly spicy.

Schmitzz TOK Slibowitz

Pure Premium Slibowitz

The selected, sun-ripened plums have been distilled with mountain water and the fruity aroma is preserved in every single drop – an exquisite, unique indulgence that will captivate all your senses.


Drinking Culture

We are putting a new spin on the ancient drinking culture – honouring the zeitgeist and transcending boundaries. Indulgence and joie de vivre – to be savoured hot or on ice.



Distillery-tradition and solid craftsmanship perfected throughout generations guarantee highest quality in taste, bouquet and wholesomeness.

Innovation & Tradition

Traditions and values of the craft, the sun of Southern Europe and contemporary innovation bond to create symbiosis – a sensual, velvety, one-of-a-kind flavour adventure.

Authenticity of Taste

The wonderful combination of authenticity and nature – without additives – creates fine, authentic Schmitzz plum spirits and Schmitzz Liqueurs.

Our Story

Tired of common Gins and bored with Vodka, we set out to find a different kind of spirit, discovering a matured and modern Slibowitz in Belgrade.

A whole new world unfolded.

Extensive research enabled us to create a contemporary interpretation of spirits. Selected and exquisite types of plum, soaked in the sun’s energy, drunken with purest mountain water, built the foundation of our modern Schmitzz Slibowitz.

Our original recipes are a liaison of taste-oriented tradition and Mediterranean temperament.

A sheer delight which we very much wish to share with you!

THE ORIGINAL – Schmitzz Slibowitz.

What our customers think

“Being a great gin fan, I was surprised to find such a tasty alternative. The plummy note makes the TOK Tonic very special and delicious.”
Nicolas Unger

Video Editor

“SCHMITZZ TOK-Tonic is especially cool!”
Julian Mark

from Berlin

“SCHMITZZ Cinnamon with an ice cube & an untreated orange zest. SCHMITZZ Ginger Honey is a great alternative for the summer. Great product, very good taste!”
Jean-Pierre Hief

from Grünwald / Munich

“Schmitzz products are super tasty, I like the Schmitzz-Cinnamon in regular coffee or ice coffee. Congratulations on the gold medal!”
Michaela Mark

from Berlin

“Ginger and cinnamon are my absolute favourites! I have never had a Slibowitz such as this one before. Hopefully it will be available in stores across Germany soon!”
Christopher Friese

from Mallorca, Spain

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