Our Story


Tired of common Gins and bored with Vodka, we set out to find a different kind of spirit, discovering a matured and modern Slibowitz in Belgrade.

A whole new world unfolded.

Extensive research enabled us to create a contemporary interpretation of spirits. Selected and exquisite types of plum, soaked in the sun’s energy, drunken with purest mountain water, built the foundation of our modern Schmitzz Slibowitz.

Our original recipes are a liaison of taste-oriented tradition and Mediterranean temperament.

A sheer delight which we very much wish to share with you!

THE ORIGINAL – Schmitzz Slibowitz.

Who we are


We are two entrepreneurs who, after years of travelling and living abroad in various countries, have decided to share their discoveries with you.

Our expertise stretches from gastronomy to naturopathy to corporate management. That experience and expertise, be it orthomolecular nutrition, sustainable product management or the sheer pleasure and
interest in new and different cultures, is incorporated in our business and flows into everything we do.

Our Location is Berlin

Our Partners

Stara Sokolova

Centuries of traditional distilling by the Bogdanovic family in the little village of Kostojevici near the town of Bajina Basta have brought forth the Slibowitz Stara Sokolova.

Its name means ‘Old Falcon’ and that name is derived from the name of a region near the river Drina in western Serbia. For three generations, the products of this family business have received international prizes honouring their taste and quality.



The family-owned Urosevic distillery from the village of Goc in the heart of Serbia is renowned for their striving for the highest standard of quality, driven by their love for the product, the tradition and by their expertise.

The plums stay on the trees until they are fully ripened and actually fall from the trees, thus soaking up the sun’s energy and receiving their potent, uniquely fine aroma. Fruits are expertly and exclusively selected by hand during the harvest, so to ensure the fruits have received the maximum of the sun’s energy and with that the so important to us biophotones. Let the sunshine in.


A view into the future


Our precept is entrepreneurial responsibility as a main principle, maintaining highest quality whilst remaining sustainable. There is an increasing desire of the customers to know in which ecological, social and economical conditions the products are being manufactured.
Within our company, we consistently support and encourage doing business in a sustainable fashion, such as choosing the ‘right’ suppliers, being conscientious about the production processes as well as the logistics. We want to give impulse – we are striving to reduce our ecological footprint continuously, to be a fair employer to our employees and to act in a manner beneficial to society.

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