Schmitzz at the Finest Spirits ’18

Today a niche product, tomorrow a trend. A modern interpretation of Slibowitz. Pure, as a honey- ginger- or cinnamon-liqueur. A secret tip in Berlins bars and restaurants. Exquisite and selected plum varieties, permeated with the sun’s energy and flooded with the purest mountain water, establish the base for our SCHMITZZ Slibowitz. For our liqueurs, we have refined the pure Slibowitz by cautiously adding natural spices and ingredients. In our original recipes, taste-conscious tradition and the southern temperament go hand in hand.

The plum, our most important employee. SCHMITZZ Slibowitz plums thrive at high altitudes, in the heart of Serbia. Unlike many others, we also use old plum varieties that have been cultivated for hundreds of years and can only reach their full maturity there. This also distinguishes them from German and Central European plum varieties, which often do not have the same complex taste architecture and are not exposed to the same number of hours of sunshine.

Therefore, a SCHMITZZ Slibowitz stands out clearly next to a Central European plum brandy – let yourself be inspired!

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